6 Types Of Rubber Fenders

Rubber benders are made to absorb crash energy present in the course of the berthing method. Since they take the shock, they safeguard the ship and even dock from harm. Just like anything else under the sunlight, the benders are of different types. The main varieties are:

Arch fenders

These come in simple styles, but are capable of providing high degrees of shear performance. This makes all of them perfect for vessels needing high hull demands. They may be of a couple of types: QSA and QPA. QSA is definitely made up regarding single item of rubber material, while QPA will be protected by sl? pads. Despite the small differences, both devices are tough and even reliable. The awesome thing with these is that will you can set up them horizontally and even vertically.

Cylindrical fenders

They are most likely the most typical fenders used in the marine sector. They are available in different dimensions and shapes hence you have a comprehensive portfolio of options to pick from. While the units can get used in various environments, the products are heavily used in areas with small tides. They are also employed in areas along with low hull stresses. Most vessel proprietors like them since you can mount them in distinct ways. You could set up them vertically, horizontally and diagonally. You only need to select the installation technique that works best for you.

Element fenders

Element fenders have a very long history associated with handling different sizes of vessels throughout terminals and berths. You can set up them vertically or even horizontally. For perfect performance, install all of them in pairs.

Cellular fenders

They have got been around for a long moment and have bagged a number of accolades including being voted the most long lasting and favored fenders on sea docks. They arrive in lengths involving up to 3000mm high. The units are easy to install, they furthermore allow an sometimes load distribution throughout structures and fender panels.

Foamed filled units

They can be applied in ship-to-ship and ship-to-quay berthing functions. They are generally used as choices to pneumatic fenders. The units have got a number involving unique characteristics that include: low effect and cardio states. They also may sink when ruptured and easily withstand deteriorating.

Extruded units

They normally are used in general purpose and medium duty applications such as any time receiving small vessels and fitting in order to workboats and tugs. They are of various types including: QBB, PFP, and QEX.


These are generally the particular different types involving rubber fenders of which you need to find out about. When getting the units make sure that you buy them coming from a reputable store.

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