Can Your Garage Afford to Ignore SMS Marketing?

SMS messaging is not only for teenagers and students. A lot more businesses are turning to text marketing as a way of communicating making use of their customers, and garages are no exception. SMS MOT Reminders and Service Reminders are becoming ever more popular as a communications marketing medium, and your business needs to take note.

Missed appointments for MOTs and Services can waste your garage thousands of pounds every year, so it’s no surprise that more and more garage owners are seeking an instant, simple and cheap solution to remind clients when they’re booked in, and they need to turn up promptly.

If missed appointments have been a costly and irritating problem for the business, you’ll know that you need a solution.

Business SMS Messaging is that solution.

What’s Business SMS Messaging?

Simply put, it’s a way of keeping in touch with your clients using their mobile phones. Common uses for SMS messages include:

Registering for promotions or offers
Entering competitions or prize draws
Voting or completing a survey
Requesting a call or further information, such as a brochure
Registering an interest for a product, service or event
Applying for a discount or promotional coupon
But garages mainly use it to keep in touch with clients and remind them of appointments for services and MOTs.

Why Should My Garage UTILIZE IT?

Because it will help you build relationships together with your clients, or any of the other 70 million mobile phone users in the UK. You’ll suffer from far fewer missed appointments and the resulting drop in profits, and you will also have the ability to text the next SMS messages to clients:

MOT Reminders
Car Service Reminders
Customer Surveys
Reminders, Alerts, Updates and News
Advertise Cars or Other Products on the market
Run Short Code Marketing Campaigns
And a variety of messages for any other marketing applications
SMS marketing services may also be extremely cost effective and reach a huge audience. A good company can send texts to all the united kingdom networks, such as Orange, 02, T-Mobile and Vodafone, as well as a number of overseas networks. virtual mobile number ‘ll also manage to schedule your messages to target specific audiences at specific times, letting you stay static in touch with people as and when you need to.

So no matter what size or small your garage is, texting provides a simple way of keeping in touch. Don’t overlook it.

If you’re searching for a reliable, low cost method of communicating with your customers, look for a reliable SMS Text Marketing provider located in the UK. You’ll reap the benefits of better brand recognition, improved interaction with your clients and a wealth of other marketing opportunities.

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