Embracing New Technologies in a Low Tech Market

The trucking business is notorious for getting slow to adopt the newest in technology developments. On the other hand, for those who are not afraid of becoming early adopters, the rewards of adopting new technologies can be tremendous.

If you were to walk into any trucking business enterprise workplace and appear about, in addition to a laptop or computer you will see the following products in plain view: a fax machine, file cabinets (typically quite a few) and most probably a white board. To the average visitor, these products may be basically accepted as “tools of the trade.” The essential company tools to get the job completed. The exact same opinion may possibly be held by most transportation pros, “those are the same products in my workplace, why really should theirs be any different.” The purpose why it should be diverse is due to the fact each of those products has been converted in the digital age to some other electronic tool, and continuing to use the old tools fosters inefficiency.

Fax machines have been replaced with e-mails and document imaging. A devoted fax line charges $35/mo, plus the long distance which can effortlessly be one more $35/mo, for a total of $70/mo or $840/yr. Document imaging is included on most late model fax machines that double as printers, but can also be purchased with a scanner for $300 or less. E-mail is no cost, and an on the internet fax accounts are $15/mo (or less) with no cost extended distance. Even if you had to purchase a scanner, converting to e-mails and document imaging would save $360 the initial year, and $660 each year just after that. This does not even element in the savings of paper not utilized.

What about the file cabinets? Well, if document imaging was implemented as described before, the use of file cabinets would drop by 90%. Driver DOT files can be scanned, as can signed Bills of Lading. So not only can one reduce the quantity of file cabinets getting made use of, but the quantity of floor space occupied by file cabinets is also reduced. These are nominal savings at very best, but the significant savings comes in how much time it takes to file something, or appear for it in these cabinets. When documents are digitized, they are a lot less complicated to shop and locate on computers. What could take 3 minutes to come across in the file cabinet would take 30 seconds or less on a pc. That is a six-fold labor reduction for a job that gets carried out 20 times a day or additional. The efficiency gain for document imaging is additional than 25% of the administrative time essential for clerical duties. That’s $2000-$4000 annually per employee.

How about that white board. Assume that can not be replaced? Incorrect! Trucking application with dispatching capabilities can replace that white board in a heartbeat. Not only does it have dispatch management tools, most trucking software packages come with substantially additional to manage the rest of the small business. Trucking distinct functions such as driver specific pay sorts and settlements, IFTA reporting, equipment management, and additional. Some even come with document imaging constructed in so scanned photos can be stored inside the software for easy access. the latest news on electronic earmuffs are good fro tracking function that day or week, but attempt seeking up jobs accomplished months ago on that white board. Try operating a profitability report for the final quarter on that white board to uncover out which driver or truck or consumer was most profitable. That variety of information could be worth tens of thousands when it impacts the decision making for the enterprise. There could be a consumer taking up ten% of your sources and only contributing 2% to the general bottom line. Eliminating a consumer like that can improve net earnings by ten% or much more. Who would not want a ten% raise this year?

In summary, trucking application and other technologies can not only replace older tools, they can raise efficiencies saving revenue by the thousands. Even even though you may have by no means made use of these digital tools, and it feels strange to commence using them, take the leap of faith. There are better tools getting created just about every day to aid you save money, so take advantage of them and be an early adopter of new technology!

Masslogics offers internet-primarily based trucking computer software to compact and medium sized trucking businesses. Utilizing characteristics like Document Imaging, IFTA reporting, and now Mobile Dispatch, the cell phone interface for drivers, Masslogics makes enterprise level trucking software reasonably priced for any trucking enterprise.

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