Slip-Resistant Entrance Mats – Reducing Accidents in High-Traffic Areas

Slip-resistant mats can help reduce accidents in high traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants and workplaces with wet or slippery floors. Slip-resistant mats have become an indispensable element of safety for these establishments.

Entrance mats are easy to use and offer numerous advantages that make them an invaluable investment for any business or home.
Slip-Resistant Entrance Mats

Transition areas between buildings and their exterior environments are highly susceptible to slips and falls, especially when wet footwear is worn; dirt and water on floors compound this risk significantly.

Slip-resistant entrance mats can help your business avoid costly accidents by reducing slipperiness and keeping floors cleaner by trapping moisture and debris. Not only are slip-resistant mats cost effective protection, they’re also an excellent way of maintaining floor cleanliness with moisture capture technology that keeps facility floors dry.

Different matting systems are available to meet individual needs and requirements. These range from single function entrance mats, scraper mats for effective scraping and absorbent matting for effective cleaning.
Safety First

Slip-resistant walking surfaces are your first line of defense in preventing accidents and injuries at your entrance. Not only can they help minimize accidents, but these mats can also display safety messages like “Caution Wet Floor” or “No Entry”.

If your entrance becomes wet during rain or snowfall, be sure to install scraper mats to help avoid slipperiness and falls. At least three metres of matting is ideal in order to absorb most dirt and moisture generated from foot traffic.

When purchasing entrance matting, look for products crafted with superior materials. Avoid vinyl-backed mats which tend to crack and curl during use.

Rubber-backed entrance matting is the strongest and best non-skid solution available, offering long-term durability with ease of cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, these mats provide long-term durability while a high level of performance – protecting floors from dropped tools, oil stains and other damaging substances.
Easy to Maintain

Slip-resistant floor mats can help minimize accidents while also cutting cleaning costs by trapping dirt, dust, and grime before they enter your building.

Entrance matting products are also easy to maintain; simply sweep or vacuum regularly as part of your floor cleaning regiment.

These entrance matting products feature beveled edges and traction treads for increased employee safety in high traffic environments.

These floor mats are constructed using recycled rubber, which is both eco-friendly and long-term durable, helping protect our planet by diverting used tires away from landfill. This material helps ensure these floor mats do not contribute to climate change in any significant way.

Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries, accounting for roughly 40% of reported accidents. Reducing their incidence through floor protection measures could result in considerable savings when it comes to workers’ compensation costs and liability costs.

Entrance mats serve two essential purposes. First, Ultimate Mats prevent dirt and moisture from entering a building from the outside environment, protecting floor surfaces from additional wear and tear; secondly, they can drastically decrease slips and falls caused by wet or dirty feet entering.

Our entrance mats are built for longevity and designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them the ideal solution for high traffic areas. Furthermore, they’re simple to maintain so that their performance remains at an optimum level for as long as possible.

Our mats are constructed with recycled rubber, which offers both cost-efficiency and environmental benefits as a cost-effective and eco-friendly anti-skid flooring option. Reusing rubber helps offset the impacts caused by hundreds of millions of used tires being dumped every year, significantly lessening environmental degradation.

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